Alcohol Policy

Laurel View Village and Fresh Harvest Restaurant reserve the right to limit the use of alcohol in public areas of the campus.
The following rules and regulations apply to all banquet areas on the campus:
  • Wines and champagnes are permitted at 12 oz. or less per person
  • Beer is permitted in 3-12 oz. cans or bottles. No more than 36 oz. per person will be permitted (# of guests X 36 = oz. of beer permitted)
  • Shots of hard liquor are permitted only for the bridal dance
  • Kegs, open fountains, and pitchers are PROHIBITED
  • All alcoholic beverages must remain in the banquet hall areas.
The following rules apply to the handling of alcoholic beverages by Laurel View Village Staff:
  • All alcohol will be dispensed by LVV staff who are over the age of 21
  • LVV staff has the right to ask for proper identification of guests being served alcohol in order to ensure they are over the age of 21
  • Beer and wine will be poured into glasses by LVV staff
  • LVV staff has the right to stop serving alcohol to any person appearing to be intoxicated
  • LVV staff will not serve alcohol during meal service with the exception of alcohol pertaining directly to the meal (champagne for a toast)
  • At no time will LVV buy or sell alcohol
  • A service fee will be charged for handling of alcohol by LVV staff of $125 per 100 people
Customers must provide proof of liability insurance at a minimum of $500,000 preferably $1 million
Note: Most homeowners’ or renters policies will provide liability coverage at a minimal cost.
For further questions regarding the alcohol policy, please contact our catering manager at (814) 288-2880.