(814) 288-2880 • OPEN Monday–Saturday 11am to 8pm, Sunday 9am to 3pm

MONDAY, October 7th

Spiced Apple Pancakes $7.95

Buttermilk Apple Cinnamon Pancakes topped with Cranberry Maple    Syrup, Granola and Whipped Topping. Served with Two Eggs your way and Choice of Sausage, Ham or Bacon

Olympic Gyro $7.99

Traditional Lamb Gyro Served on Pita with tzatziki sauce and Greek Salad Mix, and your Choice of One Side


WEDNESDAY, October 9th

Mash Potato Bowl $7.99

Fried Chicken Fritters Served on Fresh Mash Potatoes Topped with  Chicken Gravy, and Cheddar Cheese

Teriyaki Chicken Thighs $8.95

Teriyaki Chicken Served with Wild Rice and your Choice of One Side


THURSDAY, October 10th

Pork Schnitzel $10.95

Fried Pork Fritter Served with Potato Pancakes and Red Apple Cabbage

Salmon Cakes $11.95

Home-Made Salmon Cakes Topped with Rémoulade Sauce and your Choice of Two Sides